C.P.E. BACH  Arioso per i Cembalo e Violino (amajor) H.535    RG122
Cembalo and violino parts   --    €10.00

C.P.E. Bach was J.S. Bach's second son, the best known and most prolific of the four Bach sons. These days, in spite of the interest of the "early music" movement, he is still under-estimated. This Arioso is a relatively late work, written long after his move to Hamburg in 1781. The writing bears all the hallmarks of CPE Bach's mature style, intensely expressive writing, coupled with sudden juxtapositions of mood, dynamic and colour. avery special tone-colour is afforded by the instruction that the violin should play con sordini (with mute). The keyboard instrument is described as Cembalo, but the music seems more suited for the Fortepiano, or even Bach's beloved Clavichord.